Mutual Pre-Portal Property Platform

Refreshingly Different

You probably already list on several search portals already – Which is great for us!

Because we are not asking you to join another. Mutual is NOT a Portal.

Our familiar yet surprisingly different platform is for your registered buyers and your prospective vendors and clients.

You achieve:

  • Immediate improved conversion rate
  • Increase new market appraisal opportunities
  • Build bigger future pipeline
  • Lower withdrawal rates
  • Quicker turnover

Join Mutual free for 6 months with our free offer

Our agent-centric platform generates early buyer interest in properties. In turn, prompting prospective sellers toward instructing member agencies. Mutual funnels prospective vendors towards our members agencies.

These are difficult times; your business has been disrupted dramatically by the Corona Virus lockdown. The property market has probably never seen a higher level of pent-up demand.

However, converting super cautious sellers onto the market is a problem!

Mutual, the Pre-Portal Property Platform, is the solution

We are NOT another portal

Our unique proposition, our ethos & our values:

Mutual respect builds mutual trust, generating mutual benefits
Delivered through fairness, Integrity and transparency.

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